India's ban on blackberry services

The Government of India has asked Black Berry Manufactures Research In Motion for permission to access encrypted messages in times of emergency, As per Indian law, all Network operators or services providers have to comply with the common rule, the official said. But they have not agreed for that it seems and the Indian unit of Research In Motion had earlier said the use of "strong" encryption in wireless technology isn't unique to the BlackBerry platform and is a mandatory requirement for all corporate wireless email services. Apart from India, few more countries were about to ban blackberry including Saudi Arabia. But in later point of time they announced that the blackberry complies with their regulations, so they are not going to ban in Saudi. Aug 12th i.e today, Thursday's meeting between officials of India's Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Telecommunications(DOT) to discuss security concerns related to BlackBerry services ended "inconclusively", a DoT official said.India concerned about RIM's BlackBerry services as security agencies can not monitor the encrypted communications. so terrorists may use the services. This issue be resolved by DoT and Indian home ministry, which is in charge of internal security in india.