India banned many famous medicines including Vicks Action 500

Indian government is planning to ban almost 400 fixed dose combination medicines in another six months because of the dangerous side-effects as part of cleaning up the pharmaceutical sector issues addressed by Indian drug regulatory. Already the Indian ministry banned 344 fixed dose combination medicines which include some famous brands such as Vicks Action 500 Extra (P&G), Benadryl, and Phensedyl (Abott). As these medicines may cause anti-microbial resistance and it may even affect organs due to the high toxicity of those substances

Among world’s largest markets, India is one of the key market for fixed dose combination drugs which is almost 50% market share. As per the medical experts most of the medicines are irrational, they have not been approved by the Indian drug regulator.

It’s expected that the pharmaceutical companies may move to court which may invite a lengthy legal battle with Indian government to prove them that their medicines are perfect and the substances are within permissible limits. World’s pharma leader Pfizer has already received stay on the ban of its drug Corex. American pharmaceutical major Abott is also planning to move to court over its Phensedyl combination. It’s going to be a tuff time for pharmaceutical companies in Indian stock market.

I could remember a proverb “Prevention is better than cure” It’s better to be cautious and take care of your health

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Toyota shuts 2 Production units in South india

Japanese based car maker Toyota announced that it is suspending production in two Indian car assembly units after hearing the threats against management. They were working with union officials and local government to get the new contract signed to overcome the negotiation made by employees. During this activity is progress, some section employees deliberately stopped the production and they threatened supervisors which resulted in no production for the past 25 days. So it decided to stop the production at its 2 production units in south India.

The world's leading automaker Toyota said the move will affect around 6,400 employees at the assembly units in south India.

In the lock out notice all these unlawful activities were mentioned and the company is left out with no other option apart from declaring a lock-out of the premises to make sure the safety of its employees and management personnel.

A Tokyo-based company spokesman said Toyota hoped to restart production ASAP. But he could not give a exact time for re-opening of the production units, which makes models including Camry, Corolla and Prius hybrid. These two factories located near Bangalore produces around 310,000 units annually.

Alok industires 2012 Q2 net profit Rs 289.62Crore

One of the textile company alok Industries announced its results today. As per the results they have grown around 283.02% which is Rs 289.62 cr of net profit on the Q2 ended Sept 30, compared to Q2 -2011. Last year net profit was Rs 75.61 cr in Q2 of last fiscal. In 2nd quarter of 2012, its net sales went up by 51.28% to Rs 3,324.77 cr , compared to Rs 2,197.70 cr in the same period of the last year.

“This performance is a reflection of the company’s strategy of diversifying products, markets and customers along with integrated business operations in cotton and polyester segments. We will continue its focus on improving operational parameters, exiting non-core businesses and monetizing them to reduce debt and improving cash flows,” Alok Industries Managing Director Dilip Jiwrajka said.

Exports contributed more for this quarter. Exports alone for the Q2 stood at Rs 832.97 cr, against Rs 786.99 cr in the same period of the last fiscal, registering a growth of 8.32 %.
Alok industries closed at Rs 11.83 in BSE which is 2.69% up.