Kingfisher is planning to buy 26% stake in spicejet

Kingfisher's vijay mallaya is planning to buy 26% stake in low cost airlines spice jet from two major share holders.vijay mallya is in talkwith the gulf countries based investor istithmar and the british person kansagra family,Each of them hold 13% in spice jet.mallaya is planning to spend $300 million in this deal.if the deal worked well means mallaya's kingfisher airlines will become top in the indian sky market.


Theinvestingspeculator said...

I think over all the fundementals are better for China to recover. The US market is in trouble. Times are tuff for everyone except the super rich. They expect to spend more this year according to CNBC. Eli Broad said this is the worst economy since WWII. I will tell you why @