Start buying the stocks at this lower level

the Sensex is hovering around 8250 after having recovered partially from the day’s low of 7,697 points. During january 2008 sensex is in a range of 20,000. But now indian stock market collapsed,not only indian stock markets,Global markets were also dipped into a new low. Don't be panic in this situation, stop trading and start investing this is what policy every big investors are following. so start buying the good stock at this lower level and hold it for 6 months to 1 year. you may have purchased some stocks at high rates, now you can buy the same stock more quantity to averagr the stock. so that you can come out of that stock very quickly.

The market fall is on account of FII selling. It is not connected with the health of our economy. Yes, the Western economies are in trouble and investors there are in a state of panic. Their governments and central banks are taking strong measures to address the situation.