GM looking forward in India

Bankrupt US carmaker General Motors(GM) on June 5,2009 said India is one of the "very important" markets that held the key to its turnaround and said it hoped to achieve a double digit share by 2010 on the back of higher sales of mini cars. The company's Indian subsidiary, that will introduce two new model cars in the coming months, also plans to start export of a new mini car to Europe and Asia Pacific by the end of 2010 that will further boost its sales and revenues in the global markets. "US, China and India are among the key markets for the new General Motors(GM) that has been formed after bankruptcy. While home market United States is certainly the most important, China is uniformly important as it is big in numbers where we sold one million units of cars. India is also key as opportunities here are similar," Karl Slym, president of GM India, said. It hopes to achieve a 10% growth in India sales this year, has started a series of new campaigns to sign the negative effects of the bankruptcy news.