Opto Circuits Bonus 3:10

Opto Circuits India decided to give three bonus shares for every ten shares and informed the same to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). In the announcement to BSE they mentioned that the Record date for the purpose of issue of Bonus shares in the Ratio of 3:10 which has been already approved by the shareholders through Postal Ballot is fixed on 31st March, 2012. the stock was doing average and it went up to 290 range in february,Yesterday it was closed at Rs 274.90 and after this bonus news the stock went down drastically to 254.75. It is one of the best stock one can hold for long term which is yielding good amount of profit in the recent years.

Stock Name: Opto Circuits India Ltd.
Script Code : 532391
Last traded Price: Rs 254.75 on March 26th 2012