1) AMBICA AGAR AROMA Ltd, Trading in NSE , BSE at 22/- in B1 Group.This is 10/- FaceValue share trading at 22/-.
Industry type is Infrastructure.
Share Capital Rs. 13 Crs.
EPS 3/- Annulised. Good Fundamentals.
Promoter Shares Holding 55%. Corporate Bodies 10%
Public Only 35%.
Company Planning to Demerging of Infrastructure Bussiness.
The Company is constructing a commercial complex opposite to RTC Complex , Visakhapatnam,Vijayanagaram and Multiplex at Vijayawada and Complexes at Hyderabad and Chennai.The company assets can be valued at more than Rs 160 Crores. Once all these are out the share value will fly. Just go throuh the company assets and pick up the shares and dont miss it.
Lot of Accumulating is going on last 3 days.

Enter current price at 22/-Target 35/- 55/- within 2 months time.Just invest and get 100 to 200% profit within 1months time.

2) RISHABH DIGHA STEEL Ltd, Trading in BSE at 19/- in B1 Group.This is 10/- FaceValue share trading at 19/-.
Industry type is Steel & Dividend Paying company. Good Fundamentals.Share Capital Rs. 5.49 Crs. PAT for H1 FY07-08 Rs1.88 Crs. BV Rs. 16.05.
EPS 7/- Annulised.
Promoter Shares Holding 65%. Kotak 5% Motilal 5%. Corporate Bodies 10%
Public Only 15%.
Every Year Divendend Payinmg Company.
Interim Dividend declared @ 10% Record date 15th Dec 2007.

Enter current price at 19/-Target 30/- 45/- within 1 months time.Just invest and get 100 to 200% profit within 1months time


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Shanky said...


I have been reading your blogs for quite a while now and would like to thank you for the service you are providing. Especially your prediction of market crash on Monday. May I know the source of your information or is it based on a technical/fundamental study of the market?

How sure you are on the following calls you gave last week:
1. Ambica Agar
2. Rishab digha
3. Prism cement

Do you think they will meet the targets you mentioned?

Any idea on Rasi Electrodes?


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very good information.