Monday market may crash

tomorrow(monday) market may can see a further fall in SENSEX In coming week most of the FII's will sell their whole position's. we should be very careful.try to book profit as soon as possible. the reason is very simple. coming weekend itself FII's will not buy any stocks due to their big festival X'MAS and New year are lined up. so in this coming week they will sell their holding's.after 2 weeks i.e around Jan 3rd onwards you can see a big rally in market. Don't take heavy position's. Try to take minimum position.and also if you are getting good amount of profit try to sell the stocks. Becareful in this indian bullish market. you just thing yourself.

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Vinod said...

I think Mutual Funds & Other High Net Worth Individual (Indians)are not going for leave. Now days Indian Market may be control by Indian.I think there will be movement in market due to yesterday RBI announcement.