BSE CEO Rajnikant patel resigned

The 133 year old Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) CEO Rajnikant Patel has resigned his job on thursday, the BSE chief executive officer(CEO) quitting without mentioning any specific reason.Rajnikant Patel’s official term as CEO would have come to an end in September 2008.Rajnikant Patel was not available for comment but some of the BSE officials who asked not to be named said “the lack of trust” in the CEO among board members “forced” him to resign.
Head of corporate affairs Kalyan Bose,said BSE denied this reason and said it was Patel’s personal decision to resign.Patel’s resignation follows a series of recent resignations, including some key executives of BSE.In June, chairman Shekhar Datta and a director, Jamshed Godrej, resigned from BSE’s board. More recently, in July, T.V. Rangaswami, the head of strategy and planning, was asked to resign by the board as was Ashok K. Raut, the chief operating officer, in May. Raut was replaced by Mahesh L. Soneji in mid-July.


Apeksha said...

He was not worth to be CEO.If you check his history , he has done lots of problems and cheatings in his previous firms.

Anonymous said...

Apeksha, please tell which previous firms, Rajnikant Patel has worked and what problems and cheatings has been done by him?