Indian stock market status

Indian stock market in in downtrend only after US recession,crude oil prices etc.... nowadays in indian stock market volatality is continuing only limited FII's are participating in indian stock market because of the weakness in the the global markets. for the past few days only crude oil prices went down continuously and now settled at around $114/barrel.In some part of india i.e in outskrits of chennai doesn't have petrol and diesel for more than three days. one more important news is also there because of the Reserve Bank of India move on CRR hike all the banks including both private and PSU banks have increased their interest rates for both loans and investment.


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Now as such we have seen in past few trading sessions that Market has become volatile
and also there were also most of the stocks are available in discounts which means that
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Indian Stock Market with
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Happy Deepwali and Happy Trading as well

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Now as such we all know that in India Elections are just around the corner which would inturn effect the movement of the
Indian Stock Market which means the time has come when a common man should start thinking of investing in the Indian Share Market
which would help him to increase the invested amount because one should not avoid the Opportunities come in Daily Life

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