Increase your profit by using trade show booth

There are lot of ways are there to improve our business. But one of the best ways to improve the business and to increase profits trade show is a good option. Trade show booths are the mainstay of trade shows. It will attract all the consumers/people those who are visiting exhibitions. Exhibitors use them to showcase products, services and ideas.
Table skirts are used for special events including trade shows. They attach around the perimeter of a table using special clips or just Velcro. They can be printed on to add a logo if needed and come in a variety of colors. Nowadays everything is made as customized one. We can make our own design and it can be used in table skirts.
Among many different items available for trade show, one of the important and attractive elements is Banner stands. Banner stands are also very useful advertising tools that can be set up anywhere. There are retractable versions, L shaped styles and different shapes which can be used as indoor / outdoor models.
In the trade show, so many companies will be displaying their products and advertisements about the product. Just to separate out the exhibit booths you can use Pipe and drape. It is used as booth dividers for trade show displays. Many other organizations use them as privacy walls and crowd control. Even in the Pipe our company logo and the quotes will be printed


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SKS Micro-Finance Drifting into a firm Bear Grip

As expected, bears hammered the SKS script from Rs 992 levels at the start of the week to Rs 919.85 closing this week. When we started this campaign, SKS traded around the Rs 1010 range. Accordingly, if 100 SKS shares were sold at the time of our first posting, this would have realized a profit of a cool Rs 90,000 by now.

Technicals however show a mixed signal, suggesting that the script maybe range bound in price movement this week. However, being a new script with little price movement history, reading too much into technicals may not be advisable. Last Monday and Thursday saw bulls trying to break out on double the daily average volumes. Despite this, if SKS entered up losing over net 7% during the week indicates huge selling pressure, suggesting the share increasingly falling under a firm bear’s grip. The very fact that the bull charge was not sustained uniformly throughout the week is perhaps yet another indicator - bulls left to marshal their resources for a charge in sporadic spells.

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For Micro-Finance survival, they need to muzzle their Spin Doctors and listen more to their High Priest

A string of suicides in Andhra Pradesh that put micro-finance under the spotlight, triggered a backlash because of which, MFIs found themselves reduced to fighting for their basic survival. No surprise here to find a variety of spin-doctors functioning as their apologists, fending off and neutralising any criticism that the industry faces currently, almost oblivion to the fact their support is to a slow sinking Titanic. Two of the most significant spins in this debate are those related to suicides and interest rate. In this post, we bust these spins.

"I believe in Schumpeterian creative destruction. Its time has come. The present MFI model has to go.... It wasn't just about giving loans. It was also about creating livelihood mechanisms, which would build capacity among the poor to repay their loans easily, and leave them better off than before"

This is Economic Times quoting Vijay Mahajan, considered the high priest of Indian microfinance.

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