TRAI Proposal on 2G Spectrum issue

India's telecom authority TRAI proposed cancelling 62 licenses of 5 telecom network operators. 2G Spectrum has been given to these operators during jan 2008. Because of this issue Telecom minister Raja resigned his post and this issue became major one and the media/press started digging into the issue to get more details.

India is the 2nd largest and fastest-growing in the world in telecom sector. Government auditor submitted the report, in that he condemned the ministry's allocation of 2G spectrum, saying it cost the government $38.9 billion in potential revenue loss.
"We have reviewed about 127 licenses and have recommended that some licenses may be cancelled on the ground that either they have not rolled out (mobile phone) services or for improper roll out of services, so that the spectrum can be utilized," a senior official at TRAI told Reporters.