NTPC is better than Rel.power

Most expected Reliance power went down 16% it closed around 373.the reason is very simple As all of you already aware that this(Reliance power) is a biggest issue in an indian capital market.Also the issue price is Rs 450 is too much according to valuations.Because at present they are producing 600MW only,by 2010 they will produce more power.But at present NTPC is producing 36,500MW(approximately)power.similarly Tata power is also producing good amount of power.compared to Reliance power NTPC,Tata power,Neyveli lignite,are far better according to valuations,only because of the name sake Reliance we have invested such a huge amount.

Everybody including both retail investers and HNI category people and others all came to gether to sell Reliance power due to fear of this bearish market thats why it went down upto 16%