stock market this week(Feb25-29)

As i told earlier in my posts the stock market is not at all looking good.Indian stock market is continuously falling because of lot of selling taking place in every rise,that's what the volatile movement continues.stay calm in this bearish market,otherwise one can take PUT options. if the downside movement continues Nifty will go down to 5050,4925,4835,4734.Sensex may come down 6 to 8% on Feb 28th or Feb 29. Reliance power announced bonus of 3 shares for every 5 shares held with investor's,because of this news you can see some spurt on Reliance power today(Monday).it will go up to 470-500 range during this range one can exit this counter and go for Siemens (Rs 1570).Record date is march 3rd to get bonus shares of 1:1.


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