upcoming ipo's

Company Open Date Close Date Issue Price (Rs)
V Guard Industries Limited Feb 18, 08 Feb 21, 08 85.00
Globus Spirits Ltd. Feb 19, 08 Feb 22, 08 148.00
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. Feb 19, 08 Feb 22, 08 105.00


Anonymous said...

Dear Visitors,

This blog is really nice and informative. We do think our posting will be highly beneficial for you too. From past few days we have witnessed
major downward rally in Indian stock market along with other major exchanges. It was there due to fear of recession in USA which is major economy.

But if we talk technically then Indian stock market is set to go up but still trend is not clear as few indicators are giving buying signals and few are still giving selling

So we suggest everyone to wait till
Nifty touches 5350 before taking any long position.

If you have any query feel free to contact us.


Sharetipsinfo Team